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Monday, September 19, 2011

I've been replaced.

It's really quite depressing.  I spend every second of the day ensuring the health and well-being of my child.  I take great pride in his meals, his activities, and his interactions with other kids (ok, and his clothing...and yes, I do realize this one is for me.)  Truthfully, I go the extra mile to keep him entertained and enthusiastic and energetic and effervescent.  And, I can tell he's extraordinarily happy. 

And to pat myself on the back, I was the one who could always turn his frown upside down.  I was the one he wanted to see when he woke in the morning and after every nap.  I was the one who he reached for when he was in anyone else's arms.  And until recently, I was the apple of his eye.

But move over Mommy.

Ari's love and affection and adoration are all reserved for another family member.  And this one doesn't work, doesn't help to pay the bills, doesn't do any laundry, doesn't cook or clean, doesn't even make conversation.  But it doesn't seem to matter.  Ari loves him.  He freakin' looooooves him.  He just wants to kiss him and cuddle with him and sit on him and lay with him and play with him.  (This used to be my job.  I could cry.  Okay, I did cry.  You got me, I'm crying right now.)

Stupid stuffed animal.  Wipe that smirk off your face.  You think you can live here rent free and become besties with my baby?  Just because you're really soft and cute doesn't mean you can come in here and take my place.  Whatever.  He'll get sick of you too.  Free roller.  And if he doesn't, watch your back.  Bear.

Ari, my precious little baby, what am I, chopped liver?!


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