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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I really hate to brag.

But I need to publicly announce a very important fact.  You see, I've secretly thought this for quite some time.  And this afternoon, it was proven to be true.  Ok.  Ready?

My child is a genius!

I kid you not.  He is exactly 2.15 years old and he can identify all 26 letters.  He even understands the difference between lowercase and uppercase letters.  He can spell his name.  He can sound out words.  He can differentiate between letters and numbers.  And he has a freakishly remarkable memory. 

But today I was truly blown away.

Because he potty trained himself.

Now, I gotta tell you that for 32 years I've heard tales of another genius toddler (uh huh...yours truly) who supposedly potty trained herself.  "No buy more diapers" she told her mother at the grocery store.  "How will you tinkle?" the mother asked.  "Tinkle in the toilet" she replied.  And from that day forth, she never wore a diaper and never had an accident.

I used to think this was bullsh*t exaggeration.  (Even if it was about me.)  But today, after returning home from receiving a boatload of chemo, Ari looked at me and said, "Ari poopie in potty."  Surprised, since there's been not one ounce of potty training under this roof, I asked Ari for clarification.  "Do you want to make a poopie in your diaper?" and he emphatically responded, "No, Ari poopie in the potty."  So, I quickly pulled off the Pampers, plopped him on the toilet, and waited for a false alarm.

And then, just like that, he pooped.  Twice.

He wiped, washed his hands, and we (both) celebrated with chocolate chips.  Then, approximately 10 seconds before I put on a clean diaper, he peed on the floor. 

So maybe he's not fully potty trained.  But still, way to go Ari.  You continue to surprise me and impress me and make me so incredibly proud.

You wicked pissah!


The Poet Who Cried Wolf January 15, 2013 at 2:59 PM  

Awww...awesome. My kid had to walk around for days in no undies, marking her territory in several corners of the house lol. He's a potty prodigy

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