A Very Special 1st Birthday Post

Saturday, October 29, 2011

1 year ago today, I pushed a 7-pounder out of my 'gina.  Holy sh*t!  The year flew by!  Looking at him now, I can't even believe my 26+ pound walking/talking/eating/joking/laughing toddler was ever a tiny baby.  One of our closest friends told us that every stage of a child's life is better than the last.  That is definitely true.  Just when I think the current age is perfect, he learns and grows and transitions and I am once again amazed and in awe and so madly in love.

So, in honor of my 100th blog post (yeah!!) and Ari's 1st birthday, I made a list of 100 things I love about my little boy.  This is my way of marking this incredible occasion and ensuring I never forget all the little things that I adore. 

In no particular order, Ari:

1. Is constantly sticking out his tongue.
2. Claps whenever I walk into the room.
3. Plays peek-a-boo but he covers his ears and/or smooshes his face rather than hiding his eyes.
4. Will do anything to make strangers smile at him.
5. Loves to read books (over and over).
6. Laughs when he farts.
7. Bangs on the front door until I take him outside.
8. Tries to catch the sun rays in his hand.
9. Sticks his finger in my belly button.
10. Shares his food, will even chew food, remove it from his mouth, and give it to me.  Sweet.
11. Sleeps from 7:30pm-7:30am every day.
12. Loves his crib.
13. Devours smoked salmon, roasted salmon, broccoli, and peas.
14. Sings along with music.  Loves Katy Perry.  And Rihanna.  (He must like beautiful women with bad taste in men.)
17. Thinks sunglasses belong on your head and tries to put mine on his head.
18. Has rosy cheeks in the morning and after every nap.
19. Believes anything with buttons is a phone.
20. Likes having his ears cleaned out with a q-tip.
21. Stares at me when he poops.
22. Shakes his head "no" when he doesn't want to do something.
23. Eats the rind off apples.
24. Loves to eat pickles.  (One time, he ate 4 half sours for lunch.)
25. Loves exploring new places.
26. Is really good at drinking from a straw, but blows out of the straw, so food is always floating in his cup.
27. Cries every time someone turns on a vacuum.  (Therefore, I just don't vacuum.)
28. Eats the bubbles out of the bubble bath.
29. Sucks on his big toe.
30. Sleeps in a sack.
31. Sleeps with a sound machine.
32. Ok, and he sleeps with a humidifier, 5 binkies, and 4 lovies.  (Whatever.  At least he's no longer swaddled.)
33. Holds on tight when he's scared.
34. Greets other kids by putting his forehead to their forehead. 
35. Mooooo's when you say "cow".
36. Has smelly testicles at the end of the day (don't ask)
37. Mimics me.
38. Has dimples on his thighs.  And a$$.
36. And elbows.
37. Has an arsenal of tricks.  He waves, washes hands, touches head and nose, claps, sticks out his tongue, shows his teeth, puts him arms up and down.   (All on command.)
38. He does the baby sign for "more" but he doesn't do it when he wants "more" of something.
39. Kicks off his shoes.  (I'm constantly searching Brookline for a missing shoe)
40. Says ball, mama, dada, up.
41. Always claps at the end of the itsy bitsy spider.
42. Flirts with strangers.
43. Aggressively sniffs the flowers in Pat the Bunny. 
44. Sticks out his tongue and makes a noise that sounds like "bagel bagel bagel".
45. Laughs when I laugh.
46. Smiles for the camera.
47. Loves to brush his teeth.
48. Loves to brush my teeth
49. Has long, dirty toenails.
50. Drinks sparkling water.  Then burps. 
51. Uses his hand to wipe snot from his nose and smears it all over his face.
52. Has a really long rat-tail. (I can't cut his hair.  It's beautiful.)
53. Will bang on anything to make loud noises.
54. Has the hiccups very often.
55. Could watch trucks drive by for hours.
56. Gives himself kisses in the mirror.
57. Loves Pirates Booty.
58. Has a 10 pound diaper every morning.
59. Likes putting his fingers and toes in my mouth.
60. Loves to climb up stairs.
61. Pulls his hair and rubs his eyes when he's tired.
62. Is unusually strong.
62. Has lint in his armpits.
63. Generates a ton of earwax.  I could open a candle factory.
64. Gives open-mouth kisses.
65. Will not cuddle in bed.
66. Rolls over during diaper changes.
67. Wants to bang on my laptop.  (We bought him a baby toy laptop.  He's not interested.)
68. Is ticklish.
69. Loves water - drinking, playing, splashing, kicking.
70. Loves dogs. 
71. Will cuddle with anything soft.
72. Loves hard boiled eggs but won't touch scrambled eggs.
73. Has barely visible eyebrows.
74. Points with his whole hand.
75. Loves being naked.
76. Eats a sandwich like a big kid.
77. Always smells like heaven (aka Mustela bath products)
78. Goes down the slide face first.
79. Likes to lay in the ball pit.
80. Likes to touch his penis.
81. Has big squishy cheeks.
82. Brings me books and backs up to sit in my lap.
83. Grunts to get my attention in the car.
84. Likes to have his back rubbed after naps.
85. Plays chase (and he laughs hysterically when I catch him).
86. Sits on his tushie and uses his legs to spin himself around in circles
87. Plays peek a boo under the coffee table.
88. Memorizes books and turns the pages until he gets to his favorite page.
89. Gives high fives.
90. Loves the Iphone.
91. Likes to suck on whole lemons.
92. Talks all day long and makes absolutely no sense.
93. Is always happy. 
94. Blows kisses.
95. Is scared of really old men.
96. Hates dressing rooms.
97. Does not cry when kids take away his toys.
98. Won't let me clip his finger or toe nails.
99. Likes to go through other people's strollers.
100. Is really funny.  Seriously.  He has a sense of humor!  (And he knows it.)

I love him so much.  Words can't begin to express...

I could easily write 100 more. 

Happy 1st Birthday Ari. 


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