Walk 'n Roll

Monday, October 17, 2011

First, he learned to roll.  Then, he figured out how to sit up on his own.  Next came crawling.  Soon after, climbing.  Followed by standing and cruising.

And now the highly dreaded, but inevitable, walking. 

Don't get me wrong.  I want Ari to walk.  But I wasn't quite ready for him to walk just yet.  As is, he's what we call crazy   hyper   ADHD  fearless energetic. 

Here's a clip of him using his stroller as a trampoline.  And yes, he climbed up there unassisted (and unsupervised.  Oops. FYI, the stroller now lives in the bathroom.  Both the toilet and the buggy are off-limits.)

It should have come as no surprise when he took his first steps a few days ago.  Here he is learning to walk.

And now that he can get around on his own two feet, he is very interested in push toys. 

Not this kind:
Or this one:

Nope, those would be too easy.  He much prefers the kind of push toy that is around his same height and weight and also has two feet.  And it's even better when they push back.

To the little girl in today's baby gym class: I apologize on behalf of my rambunctious son.  He didn't mean to push you into the water fountain.  Really.  He was just using you for balance.  If it's any consolation, your head left a nice bruise on his cheek. 

Watch out kids. 


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