Tuesday, May 20, 2014

There are so many funny stories to share. 

There's the one about my husband sending me to get Ari a haircut and texting me a pic of David Beckham to use as a guide for the stylist.  (Needless to say, my son is gorgeous, but he looks as much like DB as I look like Posh Spice.)

Oh, and then there's the story of Alison trying to do everything just like her big brother...and Ari trying to help her be just like him.

And speaking of trying to be something we're not, there was that time I used a flat iron on my 20-month old:

So you see, the past weeks have seen lots of laughs and tons of fun and an explosion of love between my two amazing kids.

But wanna know what's most exciting?  9 more weeks.  3 more rounds.  2 years almost done and done.  Adios chemo.  Soon we'll really have something big to smile (and blog) about.


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