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Friday, April 25, 2014

I've read articles warning Moms not to post things on the internet that could be mortifying to their kids later in life.  I've considered this and made the conscious decision not to post anything too graphic or too naked.  But let's be honest, Ari won't care about any of this content when he gets older.  He will never even google his own name. Right?  Right.

So with that said, Ari has a girl friend named Shayna who is cute and sweet and very smart.  It's really no wonder she and Ari have a special connection.  Aside from these characteristics they both share, the best thing they have in common is a vivid imagination and a desire to play together. 

And they sure do know how to play.

They play fire station. 

They play doctor.

They play another kind of doctor.

And then they play nap.

Can you believe it?  They're both only 3 years old!

What will four-play look like with these two?!


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