Potty Training part 2

Friday, October 7, 2011

I potty poopie trained my 11 month old. 

I've been avoiding writing this post because: a. I actually try not to write too much about poop; and b. I will have to write about my own poop in order to accurately describe the situation; and c. I know the vast majority of you are women but some of you male readers may still believe that chicks don't poop.  (You single guys should stop reading now.)

So here are the deets:

We 3 Goldwasser's have a morning routine. (You can guess as to who does what.)

7:20-8:00am Wake up.  Change diaper.  Get dressed.  Empty dishwasher.  Make breakfast.  Make coffee.  Dad leaves for work.  Eat breakfast.  Drink coffee.  Drink bottle. 

8:00-8:10am Play.

8:10am Walk/crawl to the bathroom and announce "I'm going to make a poopie."

8:11am Poop. And poop. 

That's right.

Both of us.  At the same time.  Every single day.  Together.  In the bathroom.  One of us sitting down.  One of us standing up holding onto his Mommy.  No exaggeration.  And no joke.  And then Ari flushes the toilet.  We wash our hands.  (Then go upstairs for clean up time #2.  Ha, #2.) 

This cannot be a coincidence.  The kid knows to poop in the bathroom and at the toilet.  And he goes after his morning coffee bottle.  Truly remarkable. 

Don't believe me?  Come over one morning!  I promise I'm no longer not full of sh*t. 


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