Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I could care less about cycling.  I never watched a race.  I never knew what was involved in competitive bike riding.  And, truth be told, until those yellow Livestrong bracelets made their debut, I didn't know anything about Lance Armstrong. 

But, like the rest of America, I tuned in to OWN to watch the two-part interview with the most despicable man in the world 7 time ex-champion.  And by listening to Lance, I learned a lot about lying and cheating and bullying.  Oh yeah, and a ton about doping. 

Little did I know that my 27 month old cancer patient could kick Lance's a$$ any day.  In fact, tomorrow, if counts are high, Ari continues his two year long...

Tour de FrANCe! 

That's right.  And he has his own legal winning cocktail.  Blood transfusions - check.  EPO-like cell producing meds - check.  Steroids - check.  Just as Lance articulately described, it is vital for Ari to take all these drugs in order to beat those pesky foreigners invading his turf.  Winning is his only option.

And Ari's doping regimen, as I often describe, makes him, well, how do I say this nicely... mean, angry, unhappy, cranky, uncomfortable, and an all around asshole.  Luckily it only lasts 7 days at a time. 

But it begs the question...

Is Lance Armstrong still doping?


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