The Perfect Storm

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Here's the latest news report.

All week a storm has been brewing.

Labs and check-up at clinic Monday. (Ari)
Chemo Tuesday. (Ari)
High fever/ER trip Tuesday night. (Ari)
Steroid course Wednesday. (Ari)
Labs and check-up at clinic Thursday. (Ari)
Pediatrician appointment with 3 shots Thursday. (Alison)
Fever and projectile vomiting from reaction to shots Thursday night. (Alison)
Steroids continue. (Ari)
Lumbar puncture under anesthesia with intrathecal chemo scheduled for 9am Friday. (Ari)
Steroids continue for 6 more days. (Ari.)
24 inches of snow. (Nemo.) 

I'm pretty sure the forecast is accurate.  This is going to be a nightmare.


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