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Monday, May 7, 2012

I love to clean out my ears.  If I could rub a q-tip inside my ear canal all day, I would.  Now, I understand that ear wax is there for a reason, but I choose to ignore medical advice and scoop and scrape until my ears are free of that yellow so-called good-for-me gunk.  I did learn the hard way once that, if I accidentally go too far inside my ear, I can disturb my equilibrium.  Since then, I am careful not to indulge too much.  I'd rather be waxy than dizzy.

Where am I going this?  Here...

Ari has had insane amounts of ear wax since he was a baby.  So much wax, in fact, that I could just use my pinky finger and gently remove globs from his ears...daily. As he got older, we started using the safety q-tip swabs after his bath and only removed the gooey goodness that had escaped his ear canal and was calling my name from the outer ear. 

I'm still amused by his overabundance of earwax.  This is last night's catch:

And as it turns out, Ari greatly enjoys the nightly ear ritual.  Every time I clean his ears, his entire body relaxes and he turns to the side until I finish.  He enjoys it so much that he doesn't want it to stop.  He gazes at me and signs for "more."  So I wasn't a bit surprised when he took the q-tip from me so he could do it himself. 

Talented, right?

I'm happy that my little guy and I share a fondness for the stress-relieving, massaging abilities that a simple q-tip in the ear can provide.  Life sure does have some simple pleasures.

Thanks for letting me wax poetic.


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