Hair's the thing...

Monday, August 26, 2013

When my son was bald, nobody ever rolled their eyes at him.

For the many months his head was smooth and shiny, people would smile and giggle when he would run and jump all around restaurants like a crazy monkey.

When Ari had no hair, a woman let us go in front of her at the grocery store check-out line.

And there was the time when Ari was hairless that the electrician gave us a 50% discount...on a weekend!

Oh, and how could I forget the day I was at the local ice cream parlor, I had forgotten my wallet at home and before I could even offer up my credit card, was given that vanilla cone "on the house."

Yeah. Being bald sure had its perks!

These days, nothing is half price. 

Strangers don't think my toddler's loud singing is very cute. 

When Ari demands candy at the grocery store and I give in, fellow moms give me the look.

In restaurants?  No more sympathy.

And ya know what?

I love it.


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