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Monday, September 30, 2013

My kids will eat anything.

Ari has always loved salmon and green veggies and seaweed and chickpeas. 

Alison eats broccoli and lox and mango by the handful.  But her new food of choice is quite surprising.  It's not part of our usual grocery shopping list and it doesn't have much, if any, nutritional value.  And frankly, I'm a bit concerned by the amount she ingests daily.

(Wait, before we go any further, yes, you're on the right blog.  I'm finally writing about my other child!  And it only took a year.) 

Anyway, where did I leave off?  Oh yeah.  Alison is eating play dough.  Lots and lots of play dough.

And she doesn't discriminate.  She likes it in red and blue and green and yellow.  (Though I have noticed hot pink is her very favorite.)  And she'll eat it right out of the container or after Ari has transformed it into different shapes and designs.  No need for sugar cookies at our house.  We use our cookie cutters to make playdough snacks to feed my no-longer-a-baby.  Interestingly, she likes it both soft and moist right after a new package is opened or she greatly enjoys picking out little hard stale pieces from our carpet and chewing them until her saliva makes it once again soft enough to swallow.  TMI?  C'mon.

The best thing about this new found snack food is that it comes in bulk and it's non-toxic.  This means it won't give her cancer.

(Oh my god. Not funny.)


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