Thanksgiving 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

I've had a blog identity crisis.  You may have noticed the silence.  I have material.  In fact, I have tons of silly stories, happy moments, and great updates.  Yet, I haven't had the urge to write.

Until today.


I am so thankful.  I can't even express my gratitude sufficiently.

I'm thankful for so very much - for my husband (the most incredible father), for Ari's continued good health, for Alison's hilarious antics, for our friends and family, for Team Ari, and for outstanding medical professionals who have become a part of our family. 

I'm thankful that for breakfast today Ari is eating raisin bread with hummus and Alison is eating ketchup.

I'm thankful that Ari and Alison dance gangnam style together every afternoon.

I'm thankful that Ari holds Alison's hand every time they cross a street.

I'm thankful that my kids are both in the 98% for height.

I'm thankful that the four of us roll on the floor laughing.  Regularly.

I'm thankful that my kids fight over who gets to flush a poop.

I'm thankful for grandparents who will drop everything to love and care for my family.

I'm thankful for race car and fire truck grocery shopping carts.

I'm thankful for Bravo TV.

I'm thankful for lots and lots and lots of hair (and a child who refuses to get it cut).

I'm thankful for a tv in my car.

I'm thankful that Alison calls a fire truck a fire f*ck.

I'm thankful for snuggles.

I'm thankful for Disney World.

I'm thankful for bruises that come from normal kid activity.

I'm thankful for 4 consecutive months of healthy blood work.

I'm thankful my kids love going to school.

I'm thankful for recent birthdays (Ari 4, Alison 2.)

I'm thankful for potty humor.

I'm thankful I could keep going and going...

I'm thankful for blinks and tears and breaths and tantrums and laughs and smiles and jokes.

I'm thankful every morning when the kids wake up and every night when they fall asleep.

I'm just so thankful for my children, my husband, my family, my friends, my life. 

Happy Thanksgiving,


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