Monday, December 19, 2011

Just when I think I have run out of blog material, I have this mind boggling discussion with my husband yesterday morning.

ME: I'm making oatmeal.  Do you want me to make some for you?
MATT: No thanks.
ME: What will you eat?
MATT: I'll find something
(2 minutes later)
MATT: (hovering) That looks good.
ME: I made a lot.  Let me know if you want any.
MATT: I'm fine.
ME: (Stirring)
MATT: Smells good too.
ME: I'll give you some!
MATT: No, there isn't enough.
ME: (Said with sarcasm) Fine, there isn't enough.
MATT: I don't want any anyway.
ME: (Scooping oatmeal in a bowl.)
MATT: Mmmmm
ME: Here, I'm putting the rest in a bowl for you.
MATT: I really don't want it.  I won't eat it.
ME: OK. I'm not going to beg you. (I put the pot and extra oatmeal in the sink, fill with soap and water, and sit down to eat my oatmeal.)
MATT: (Making some noise in the kitchen)
ME: (Enter kitchen, find Matt filling up a pot to make oatmeal.)
MATT: I'm making oatmeal.  You didn't make enough.

Here's hoping Ari doesn't have the stubborn gene.


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