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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ari is a chatterbox.  Though 97% of his babbling is incomprehensible, the other 3% is both fascinating and thrilling to hear!  He picks up new words every day and repeats things said to him.  Now, to be accurate, none of his words sound...well...accurate, but I know what he's saying.  He points to a zipper and says "zzzz", he looks at a light and say "iiiit", and whenever Matt is around, he wants to be near "Da."  And, I have to admit, hearing him call for "Ma...Ma" when I walk out of the room makes my heart swell with happiness.

But a few days ago, he said something that sounded very familiar.  He said it over and over again.  I listened carefully, but couldn't quite decipher his slurred speech.  What was he trying to say?  Hardy?  Party?  Malawi?

Or wait a sec, could he be saying what I think he's saying?

(Watch this video with an open ear mind.  Humor me.)

Uh huh.  He's saying ARI.  That's my boy.


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