Day 12

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm quite sure I'm the pregnant one, but Ari is the one with the food cravings.

He wants 3 very specific foods: 1. Chicken apple sausage to eat during his midnight sausage fest (I just made myself laugh), 2. plain pasta cut into small pieces, and 3. pickles.  I can sorta understand the first 2 because they're soft, bland, and easy to eat, but I don't understand the sudden pickle obsession.  Also, he's picky when it comes to his pickles.  They can't be round sliced hamburger pickles and they can't be too dill-y.  Rather, he'll only eat the somewhat sour spears (like the kind you would find alongside a hamburger) with the skin removed and then cut into tiny pieces.  He ate 3 with breakfast, 2 for lunch, and another 3 as a snack.  And he just ate a little cup full as a bedtime snack.

I'm sure the sodium isn't good for him, and it's not as if a cucumber packs much nutritional content, but the kid is sick and I will do anything to make him feel better.  Seems I'm in quite a pickle eh? 


Daily update:

The high's: McDonalds for lunch, (it's pretty remarkable how a cheeseburger happy meal, fillet of fish, and chicken mcnuggets can make a mom and dad feel much better...and for the record, some of that was intended for the little guy, but since he only wants the above 3 foods, we decided it shouldn't go to waste), two long naps and a constant morphine drip (these were Ari's highs today), a steak and mashed potatoes meal delivery, and a reassuring visit from one of our doctors.  Oh, and it was day 2 of no emesis.

The low's: Ari has a bacterial infection which makes him feel miserable.  He has a fever and no energy and spent the entire day in bed.  But worst of all, they had to remove his surgically implanted line today because of fear that the infection would get stuck in it and then stay in his body.  It was replaced by a temporary IV and there's no guarantee how long the IV will last.  I'm crossing my fingers the antibiotics start working quickly and he can get a new line in the next few days.  But most of all, here's hoping he starts feeling a bit better by the morning. 

We are not sure yet how this infection affects the current treatment plan but the doctor did say that this type of thing is common, is treatable, and is just a nuissance. 

Thinking positive thoughts for my favorite little boy.  They've gotta realize he's a pretty big dill.


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