What's the plan Stan?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I am a planner.  I make to-do lists months before I host a party.  I write out itineraries for vacations.  I even go online and plan my menu selection before going out for dinner.  (I forget what it's like to go out for dinner.)  I want to know as much as possible in advance and I don't like surprises.

But when it comes to this cancer stuff, there's no way to plan.  I've learned to listen to a proposed plan and then anticipate a last-minute change.  Even with this new mindset, I was mentally prepared for an in-patient stay beginning today, a move to a new home early next week, and then a few days of unpacking before my water broke and a new baby appeared.  But, as I should have expected, Ari's counts weren't high enough to begin the new meds today.  So we are now hoping for a Friday start date but may be waiting until next Wednesday to check back into Children's Hospital. 

And this, my friends, brings us ridiculously close to my due date.  With my luck, I will be having this baby on Tuesday.  Why Tuesday?  Well, it is moving day.  And, we will probably be back in the hospital.  But really, we can be 3 places at once.  No big deal.  So I'm just going to plan for this insanity and then be pleasantly surprised if things change.

In the meantime, we are packing up our place, keeping Ari happy and healthy (I really could not have prevented his bloody forehead collision with the coffee table), and just taking it one day at a time.

Can someone remind me what goes in a hospital bag?  I should probably get one together.

And, this baby doesn't need furniture or a glider chair or a bassinet or anything else, right? 

Oh, and, will someone please come over and shave my legs?


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