Love letter

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dear Josephine,

I found the present you left in Ari's school bag. 

Ari tried to hide it from me, but I knew something was up.  First, he hung his own backpack on the hook.  Then, he told me he did not leave any half-eaten food products in the zippered pouches (which never happens).  And finally, the give-a-way, he shrieked with rosy-cheeked embarrassment "noooo mommmmmy" when I tried to look through the bag myself. 

What could he be hiding in there?  A live animal?  A dirty diaper?  A stolen pack of gum?

But oh my god little girl.  It was the last thing I expected to see. 

I saw it neatly folded in the very bottom of his bag.  I opened it up, studied it closely, and smiled.  My first thought?  That's cute.  Then I nervously chuckled and pondered how this could happen at such a young age.  And after a few minutes, smiles turned to sadness and laughter to lament.

Your little gift was much more than an innocent picture.  It was, in fact, the very first sign of his loss of innocence.

So listen up sweetie.  You are a nice girl and you come from a good family.  Your long blonde curls may bounce in the wind and your beautiful blue eyes may sparkle in the sunshine.  I see the way he holds your hand and walks by your side.  And I am the first to admit he is a catch.  My Ari is special and smart and funny and caring and damn good looking. 

But you're only 3.  And I'm not ready to be a grandma.

Hands off my man.  Cool?

Ari's Mommy


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