Grey is not gorgeous

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I try not to brag, but I've been sporting a new accessory.

I deserve it!  It celebrates two births, a million sleepless nights, and approximately 50 courses of Ari on steroids.  It reminds me of the stress and the sad from the last year and a half.  It signifies maturity and womanhood.  And it is a sign of the deep love in my life.

This new accessory of mine is lush and plentiful!  And it's sparkles and shines and glistens and glimmers.  It is colorless and flawless.  In the sunshine, it reflects light.  With the snow covered ground and the bright winter sun, it's actually blinding. 

And I can't wait to get rid of it.  Push present?  More like, push penalty.

Adios grey hair.

A quick update - Ari is halfway through a steroid course.  In a few weeks, he will have another steroid/chemo course, a lumbar puncture, some time to recover, and then... we leave for Disney World!

When we return home, he will have 4 more months of treatment.  Excited?  Nope.  I'm petrified. (See this blog post for the exact way I feel about the end of treatment)

Back to Disney... I'm pumped.  We have park tickets, hotel reservations, and a rental car reserved.  We have summer clothes and swim suits and a whole lot of sunscreen.  We need dining reservations and tips (anyone?) and a crash diet or a juice cleanse and some new sandals.  And then we're off to the Happiest Place on Earth.  I may even shave my legs for the occasion!


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