Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My brother is severely colorblind.  He has been known to wear a red shirt and green undershirt and when asked why he's dressed for Christmas, he replies, "What do you mean?  I'm wearing black with blue."  I sent him the figure below and asked him to tell me what number he sees. 

He said "there's no number in there."  I see a 2, what about you?

When Ari was born, we gave him lots of black and white toys because the high contrast of colors is the most visible and attractive to infants.  He had black and white books, rattles, pictures, and even outfits.  And I could tell the theory was accurate because he loved to stare at the different patterns.  Now-a-days, he likes bold colors and bright prints but we won't know for at least a year or two if his color perception is the same as his parents or his Uncle Jeff's.

But there is one thing we know for sure.  When it comes to people, Ari is not colorblind. 

We have a Jamaican nanny on Tuesdays named Dee and she has an abundance of melanin in her skin.  You know what I mean, right?  And Ari can spot her a mile away.  When he sees her, he starts humping the floor (should I be worried?) and laughing out loud.  She is all fun, all the time.

The only catch is...he thinks everyone with a dark skin tone (ahem, again, I'm trying very hard here not to say anything that crosses the line.  Well, that line.) is the nanny.  Recently, Ari was taking a nap and I was catching up on old shows on the DVR.  Ari woke up and I brought him downstairs, forgetting the TV was still turned on.  Next thing I know, the kid is out of control - giddy, jumpy, drooling, reaching for the TV. 

What was on?  Oprah. 

If you come over and I'm watching BET, you'll know why.  Plus, I love Mo'Nique. 

Little guy's learning pretty early that once you go black...


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