Potty Training part 1

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Now that the cat's out of the bag  fetus is out of the sack  enough JulieSue, we you know what you're saying word is out, I feel a bit more authentic blogging about my life.  It also helps to feel much better and have the energy to sit down and type.

And boy-oh-boy do I have a lot to tell you. 

Oh wait, first and most importantly, I should have said GIRL-OH-GIRL do I have some funny sh*t going on these days.  (Yeah!  Catch my not-so-subtle baby making drift?)

So here's my first of many upcoming posts. 

I decided to start potty training my not-yet-ready toddler.  Now, if you were to ask me which training approach sounds most effective and least painful and time consuming, it's this 1 week plan.  The gist?  It's like tearing off a band aid, err, or a diaper.  One wet week and then you're diaper free.  However, listening to the the voice from above Nanny and not my instincts, we purchased a potty seat and continue to let Ari sit on the toilet when we think he needs to pee...or poop...or, whenever he wants to sit on it.

The good news?  He loves the potty.  In fact, he can now remove his diaper all by himself!  He doesn't even need to remove the adhesives, he just shimmies and yanks and...

...there it goes.

He walks to the toilet, points and says "up", and...

...he sits patiently, makes a grunting sound like he's pushing (he must have learned that from his daddy, he definitely did not learn that from me over the last 4 months since I simply don't go anymore), and sometimes he even has a snack as he hangs out at the toilet.

But the bad news?  There's no action.  It's like waiting for Godot...or, more fittingly, for Ari to go.

And then, when we're both sufficiently bored and convinced nothing is ever going to happen, he hops off his baby throne, I take out a clean diaper, and...

...he does his business. On the floor.  Pretty often. (I can already hear our playdates calling to cancel.)

Crap!  Where did I go wrong?!

It's good to be back,


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