Day 1 again

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Because things were just starting to feel normal...(that may be a stretch, manageable is more appropriate a term), and because Alison gets so much attention (that is definitely a stretch), Ari decided to go on a little vacation. He didn't choose a warm and sunny destination like Florida or Vegas. He opted for a little retreat at the kids only motel in Boston.

You guessed it. We are back on 6 north.

Ari got the seasons a bit mixed up. Instead of spring fever, he got fall fever. Literally. And with 102 deg body temp in combination with low blood counts, he's checked in to the 6th floor for at least a few days (could be a week. Or 2. ) until his counts rise.

Being back blows. 

Think good ANC thoughts!!

(blogging from the iPhone, excuse all typos)


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