Thursday, November 29, 2012

When I worked at CJP, I tried for years to secure Sarah Silverman for an event.  I sent her letters and emails.  I called her relatives.  I harassed her agent.  And it never worked.  I couldn't get her to commit to speaking at a fundraising party.  Nope.  She was too busy and too famous (and, let's be honest, we had no budget to pay her) to schlep to Boston. 

But this morning (at 2:45am), I got a pretty ridiculous email with this attached:

So I'll admit it.  I was so excited I couldn't fall back asleep.  (You may remember that I love famous people and Sarah Silverman, is, like, come on, the coolest female comedian out there.  I'd be thrilled if I were even a smidgen as inappropriate as she is.)

As fun as this video message was, I wish it was going to someone else.


It's now day 4 as an in-patient.  Ari's fever is finally gone but his blood counts are still low.  Though the doctors are fairly certain the fever was not from a bacterial infection, he still must receive IV antibiotics around the clock until his ANC rises.  This ensures that his body will be able to fight off any little bug once he is discharged. 

Meanwhile, Ari is having a blast in his old stomping ground.  He is chasing down the robot, playing with the toys, reading tons of books, doing art projects, and socializing with other kids.  (And eating ice cream and oreos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.)  To him, this place is like summer camp.  I really hope the session ends soon!


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