The Movies - Part 1

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(Disclaimer - this post has nothing to do with Ari.  Or poop.  It is all about me.)

I have a new appreciation for the working mom.  I am not at all saying raising a baby 24-7 isn't work, but now that I'm working 1 full day in the office and many additional hours from home, I'm finding it very difficult to find time to blog and jog.  (You're right, I don't jog.  But by jog, I mean, anything other than baby-centered activities.)  Between work and baby, and starring in Adam Sandler's film "I Hate You Dad", my days are jam-packed.

OH did I forget to mention my soon-to-be Oscar-worthy cameo?! 

Right, so I'm not exactly "starring" in the movie.  The accurate role description is "extra" but really, who needs to be so specific?!  Either way, I figured it would be fun to document my big screen adventure. 

Last week, I saw this in my Facebook news feed:

Want to be in the movies? Casting submissions request for new Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg movie!

Do I want to be in the movies?  Hell yeah I do!  Have you met me?  I am obsessed with famous people...even not so famous people.  (I was thrilled to meet Mikey from Orange County Choppers.  I once ran after Julia Roberts on a busy street in NYC.  I waited patiently outside a Gucci store in Vegas for over an hour just to catch a glimpse of Celine Dion.  I jumped out of a moving vehicle on a traffic-y highway in Boston to run to say HI to Steven Tyler when a friend spotted him in a car ahead of us.  Judge me.)

Back to the ad.  I followed the instructions, sent in a current picture and contact info, and two days later, I heard from a Guy (that was his name) with Casting.  They requested I dig through my closet to find "blue collar 80's clothing" to bring with me to Pembroke, MA for a costume fitting (!!!).  I contacted a few friends, collected some items (Thx ML), and made my way to an unmarked office building park.

The warehouse was filled with movie sets, sewing rooms, and rows upon rows of wardrobe racks. 

30 minutes later, I filled out a W4 and was cast in two scenes - 1. a 1980's Bar Mitzvah and 2. a courtroom scene.  They looked through the clothing I had brought with me, dismissed what I thought were great items, and then found the ugliest dress ever for the BM scene (heh).  Unfortunately, it fit like a glove. 

BM is right:

For the second scene, I'm wearing a hot pink knee-length skirt, a bright blue chunky sweater, and black ballet flats.  Hot...or not. 

Tonight, I receive the secret shooting location and time to report to duty Thursday morning.  Based on the movie plot, I do not think I will be in a scene with Adam or Andy, but I do hope to see Susan Sarandon on the stand in the courtroom. 

(It's a great cast.  Adam, Andy, Susan, Leighton Meester, and even Vanilla ice!  He tweeted about his role in the film.)

I will document the day with photos and will write about it Friday morning.  SAG here I come...


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