Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why didn't I come up with the "100 calorie pack"?  The concept is brilliant.  Almost anything can be portioned into 100 calorie packages and those of us who are suckers on-the-go and short-on-time buy into the marketing gimmick.  I love that I can eat 100 calories of hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup and not feel full guilty afterwards.   I can even eat 4 or 5 packs and it doesn't matter because they're only 100 calories!!  (Right?!)

But a BIG thank you to Gerber and my ovaries for exposing me to the most amazing 100 calorie pack ever!

Move over cheerios, let me introduce you to the magical, the wonderful, the downright addictive...PUFF.

These little crunchy gems are sugary sweet, provide Vitamin E and Zinc, and are melt in your mouth amazing.  They come in a variety of flavors and are bargain-priced at about $2 bucks per package.  Aside from the fact that Ari looooves them, and could eat and eat and eat them (you do what you gotta do when it's raining out), they have only 25 calories per 73 puffs!  That's 292 puffs in a 100 calorie pack!

Take your pick:
12 tiny cookies 

18 cardboard-tasting "cheez-its" (the 100 calorie pack version is not the same as the full fat ones)

1 jello pudding snack


almost 300 Puffs!

One for the baby.  One for the mommy.  One for the baby.  One for the mommy.  Repeat.

I carry a container of these little morsels everywhere I go.  I am going to try these with milk in the morning and as crunchy breading on fish or chicken in the evening.  I will have a bikini bod in no time.


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