Solid food

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introducing solid food has been a really annoying and messy with disgusting poops fun endeavor.  Ari will try anything once.  He is content with most mashed fruits and veggies but he is not a happy camper when I give him cottage cheese or green beans.  His whole little body shivers in disgust when he swallows a curd of cottage cheese.  Come to think of it, so does mine. 

A balanced diet is important to his nutrition and growth so I let him sample items from all 4 food groups.

First, the bread and grain group. Each individual particle in the box at the park is called a sand grain.  And he loves it.  He shovels it in his mouth as fast as he can and even saves a bunch in his diaper for later in the day.  The coarseness feels nice on his swollen gums and the high fiber content beats prunes any day. 

The fruit and veggies group.  There's so much in season right now and everything is sweet and delicious.  Hey kid!  What's the problem?  Don't stick your tongue pickle out at me!

Protein.  His favorite food in this group goes well with his blond hair and blue eyes.  (Get it?)

And finally, we have the group of foods of all the stuff we love but know we shouldn't eat.  There's really no nutritional value and the empty calories do nothing to help my little tyke.  But, a little every day can't hurt him. Right?

Bon appetit!


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