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Thursday, November 10, 2011

When thinking of whether or not to write a blog post, I tend to use some simple criteria.  1- Is the topic interesting?  2- Would the story make me chuckle? and 3- How would I feel if my mom or father-in-law or son (16 years from now) read it? 

And, when the answer to #3 is "mortified", I know I have a solid topic. 

So, here goes.  Apologies to the folks listed in #3...most of all, to my son, who, poor thing, has no concept of the embarrassment he's in for when he learns to google.

Ari mimics everything I do.  Sometimes he repeats an action on himself- like, if I yawn, he opens his mouth and says "ahhhh."  If I pick my nose, he picks his nose (unsuccessfully I might add).  If I walk around the house stomping and clapping, he follows right behind me.  But often times, he tries to mimic my action on me.  Examples - I pull out a wedgie.  Next thing I know, his little hand is in my tushie.  I tie my shoe.  He tries to tie my shoe.  I eat a grape.  He feeds me a grape.   And on and on.

Sometimes it's cute, sometimes funny, and as his pediatrician says, it's an indication that he's a smart, inquisitive boy who is soaking up everything around him and practicing new skills. 

And boy-oh-boy did he learn a new 'how-to' today! 

He watched intensely and then attempted to... ohmygod I can't believe I'm really going to write this... yank out my tampon.

Please don't leave me Matt.

Um yeah, so, there are certain things that just can't wait until nap time.  (If you know what I mean.)  And, no matter how well my house is baby-proofed, I would never close the bathroom door preventing Ari from coming in while I take care of business.  I try to teach him about toilet paper and washing hands and other bathroom etiquette.  And, I assume potty training must be easier if kids watch their parents use the toilet.  (Right?  I don't know.  Cut me some slack.)

But today's bathroom adventure was a bit unexpected.  Thinking this through, I should have realized that Ari has been using toys that involve putting different shapes in and out of corresponding holes.  That and, he has a train, on a string, and he loves to pull it around the house.  Combine these two things with the mimicking and, well, we have a bloody mess. (Err. Literally.)

I may regret telling this, but that's the story and I'm sticking to it. 



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