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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I used to be a great stalker private investigator.  I could find out any one's personal information!  I realize this sounds a bit creepy, but Google and I were totally in sync. 

Yet, I have a current contact conundrum and my stalking skills seem to be a bit outdated. 

Here's the background.  Ari and I have been taking a class at MyGym for months.  At the beginning of every class, we go around the circle and say the names of all of the kids.  I know the regulars well.  There's Nola and Ella and Beverly and Molly and Elle.  (Where are the boys?  Good question.)  Elle and Ari seem to get along very well.  And Elle's Mommy and I do as well.  She's funny and down-to-earth and well-dressed.  Sometimes we jump together on the trampoline or talk about new toddler finds.  We've bonded over chicken meatballs and goldfish.  We've even shared apple slices and squeezable yogurt.  Yeah, I really like her. 

It seems I have a mom crush.  I want to call her up and ask her out on a play date.  Maybe she wants to come to the Aquarium with us today?  We could even have lunch or ice cream together afterwards!

But, slight issue, I don't know her name.  I don't know her number.  And I don't know her email address.  All I know is that she drives an SUV and has a 1-year old named Elle and she gives her daughter coconut milk (I didn't say she was perfect.)

(I'm also praying she doesn't read this.  Ever.  She'd definitely think I was psycho.)

I tried googling and Facebook searching but that got me nowhere.  I think I may just have to awkwardly introduce myself to her next week.  "Hi, we've been chatting for the last 4 months.  My name is JulieSue."  I cringe just thinking about it.

I'm ordering myself  a Mom card.  And, in the meantime, anyone want to come to the Aquarium with me today?


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