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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Before I received my last promotion (aka quit my job to stay home and watch Real Housewives "On Demand" take care of my baby), I loved carrying and giving out my business cards.  I had a snazzy card holder and kept a stack in every bag I owned.  I loved to network, make new contacts, give out my cards, and collect business cards for googling/stalking prospecting purposes.  Business cards made sense. 

Now that I spend my day at the park, the pool, and the play date, I have no need for business cards.  Or so I thought.

Last Thursday night, I met a woman who suggested we get together to introduce our kids and take a walk in the neighborhood.  I grabbed my phone to add her contact information when she said, "email me, here take my card."  As I walked away, I glanced down at the card to check out her profession or employer, and had to stop when I realized this was no ordinary business card.  It was...(dramatic sound effect)... a mom card.

Her name, her phone number, her email address, and her family members were all listed on the card. No company, no logo, no title.  What the what?!  I couldn't help but giggle. 

I googled "mom cards" to see if this was really a new fad, and voila, I found this ridiculous website.  Check out the top 10 reasons to get a mom card:

1.     New moms you meet and want play dates with
2.     Contact info for Babysitter
3.     Neighbors
4.     Existing friends (the cards are just too cute not to share)
5.     Put in holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you cards and more
6.     When dropping off your child at someone’s house for a play date or birthday party
7.     If your child is lost you can give out the card with their picture on it to help find them
8.     Keep one in your suitcase or diaper bag in case it gets lost
9.     Will make grandparents smile
10.   Just for fun!

They're all a bit nonsensical but does anyone think #7 is absolutely assinine?  (I'm shocked it took me 4 months to use "assinine" in a post.  Purposely spelled incorrectly.) 

Who in their right mind believes there's any need for mom cards?  Come on people.  This is absurd.

OK, fine, you got me, I'm gonna order some (just in case Ari gets lost...his crib is first.)

You want one?

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