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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I recently heard about an Israeli couple who named their child "Like" after the Facebook app we all know and, well, like. 

I am reminded of my 7th grade science teacher Mrs. Geiger who told us a story of a student she once had with the name Femiley.  Mrs. Geiger asked the young girl's mother how she came up with the unusual name and she responded, "I didn't.  It was written on the birth certificate but I changed the spelling."  For those of you who need me to spell this one out (literally) "Femily" was a different way to spell "Female."  Get it?  True story.

I am no stranger to unusual names.  JulieSue.  Uh huh. 

Admittedly, I have grown to appreciate my less-than-common name.  Just last week, I was at a cooking event and a woman turned to me and asked, "Did you grow up in Florida?"  I almost forgot that I lived there til the age of 8.  Confused, I skeptically answered "yes", and she confidently stated, "we were in Kindergarten and Indian Princesses together. I would never forget the name JulieSue."  What a freak good memory! 

However, when my husband and I were considering baby names, it was really important to me that the selected name be found on toothbrushes, mugs, magnets, and all of the other crap (that's my poop reference for the day) they sell in the personalized item section at toy stores.  I always wanted those little custom trinkets but had to settle for Julie note pads and Sue stickers.

Umm, Err, Ehh...That's why we chose the name...

"Ari" isn't listed on the top 100 most popular baby name list...yet (btw, do you think Mason is #1 because of KK?).  Nope, the name currently sits proudly at #468.  Thank goodness for good friends who bought out Scribble It and outfitted Ari with a personalized:

  growth chart, coat rack, wipes, bank, wipes box, picture frame, 


and 3 blue blankets.

Oh, I almost forgot! 
And, 4 step stools!  Who knew I'd be so into stools?!

I don't think Ari will ever forget his name.  Uncommon names... I


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