White babies can jump!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Since we're on the topic of genetics, I'll share that I don't think my baby has melanin.  I'm not surprised.  "Yo mama and yo dada so white" jokes were conceived for Matt and me.  (You remember these... Yo mama's so white, she gets a sunburn from the TV.  Yo dada's so white, when he gets naked, yo mama's retinas burn.)  My brotha said it best when he inquired, "where are your kid's eyebrows?" and I had to swallow my pride and just accept that my little guy simply lacks skin (and hair) pigmentation.

Trying to spot us at the beach?  We're the family under the umbrella, wearing hats, covered in sunscreen inside. 

As summertime approaches (can I get an AMEN!), I'm feeling nervous about Ari's exposure to the sun.  If he's anything like us, he will fry like a piece of kosher turkey bacon. My dark hair is deceiving.  I'm truly as pale as they come.  2 days ago, I took a 30 minute walk outside (in partly cloudy weather conditions) and still have this oh-so-cute sunburn to show for it:

I should buy stock and stock up in baby (and adult) sunscreen.

But two things give me hope that my little Albino is not going to be the butt (ha ha) of jokes for the rest of his life.  First, he's got an unusually large wiener.  (You got me, that was a lie.)  But second and more importantly (and honestly), this pasty white 6 month old has got skills when it comes to jumping!

Watch out Woody Harrelson.


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