Googled this week (part 3)

Friday, May 13, 2011

The last few weeks have been uneventful in terms of google searches which led to this website.  I have realized that I'm not alone and a lot of people are "obsessed with poop" or their "husband is obsessed with poop" and their "baby takes big wet poops."  This week, however, the google search terms were anything but ordinary.

(Cut and pasted directly from my blogger statistics)

1. desperate pretty blonde girl pooping a big dump in a lift floor

2. daughter eating mothers feces

3. hot mom in shower

4. baby poop in my mouth

#'s 1, 2, and 4 - Disturbing. Disgusting. Dumbfounding. #1 just makes no sense.  What is a lift floor?  #2 sounds like a case of child abuse.  And #4, well, aside from the time I got a little baby poop on my lip (long story), I cannot begin to imagine why someone would have baby poop in their mouth, and more importantly, what they hope to learn from googling it.

#3 - Perhaps this googler was looking for pics of Alex McCord?  (Oh how I hope some of you get that joke.  And for the two of you, yeah, I agree, more like "hot man in shower".  Smack!  I said it!)  And, sorry to disappoint.

Also this week, a picture of the pooper and a picture of his poop:

Have a great weekend!


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