Boys and their toys

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ari loves a new toy. 

Is it the brightly colored stacking rings that feel good in his hands and in his mouth?


Is it the super (expensive) squishy cube with little windows and shapes and lots to touch and see?


Is it the fun drum that plays music and lights up and turns into a wheeling instrument to help with crawling?

You guessed it.  Nope.

There's currently only 1 toy that Ari wants to play with all day long, one toy that makes him smile when he spots it across the room, 1 toy that inspires him to nose dive off my lap and onto the floor or coffee table or sofa to get a hold of it. 

Yup, the remote control. 

He loves to hold it and touch it and push the buttons.  He likes to take control of it and grip it tightly.  He can play with it for hours!  In fact, he would sleep with it if I let him.  And finally, when I try to take it away, he throws a fit.

Wait a sec...the same can be said for someone else I know...

Like father, like son.


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