Elimination Communication

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I have friends who have successfully potty trained their 11 month old.  No joke.  Starting when the baby was a few days old, they used techniques to teach the little girl to communicate when she needed to go sink potty.  The term for this practice is Elimination Communication, and while I do not prescribe to this philosophy (no judgment - while I am constantly cleaning Ari's back armpits neck changing table clothing  tush, they simply wipe and flush), I have discovered that my baby and many other children have their own form of elimination communication.

Three examples:

1. While at a friend's home for lunch, the adults sat eating and chatting while the kids played in another room.  I was enjoying a bite of apple cobbler when a two-year old walked into the room, poked his mother, and proudly stated "I'm going poo."  The mom questioned, "right now?" and little boy answered, "yes."  I tried hard to swallow the warm gooey appley mush as my new little friend made a big public push.

2. Waiting for luggage at baggage claim at Logan Airport, I watched a mother struggle with two little girls and one little boy whose pants were drenched in the crotch area.  He was sobbing.  As he got closer, he screamed at the top of his lungs, "I peed my pants!"  (No, really?)  Everyone waiting for their luggage turned to look after he announced his accident.

3. And finally there's my baby.  We haven't taught him to signal before he goes #2 or tell us after he's finished.  But, guess what?  He communicates pretty well when he drops a deuce (shout out to my husband!). 

Now that is what I call elimination communication!


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