Be careful what you wish for

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cancer is expensive.

I'm not complaining, just explaining.  Between the parking garage at the clinic, the apple flavored compounded prescriptions (they have to make them taste good or else little A won't take them), and the fancy food cravings one week a month, a family can really feel the pinch. 

I was wishing and hoping that Ari would choose a food that was cheap and easy and filling for this steroid course.  And, you won't believe it, but he obeyed.  I'm happy to report, that since Thursday, Ari has gone through...ready for this...36 cans of (cold) spaghettios.  And 2 gallons of milk.

He ate them all day and all night.  He ate them in his crib and in my bed.  He ate them on the floor in the toy room and on the chair in the family room.  There's simply no negotiating with terrorists a starving 2 1/2 year old on high-dose steroids.

In total, the 36 cans cost about $40 dollars (they were on sale 10 for $10 at the Star Market).  That's like $6.50 a day.  Bargain!

But, our white sheets, Ari's light blue rug, and our entire family room is neon orange.  I think a few days of sushi would have been cheaper than next week's Stanley Steemer bill. 

Next steroid week, I'm hoping for white foods again.  Spaghetti-no.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day.  It's time to celebrate!  We can have cake and ice cream and open presents and have a big par-tay.  Anyone know what it is?  It's some one's BIG day!

That's right, it's Ari's final dose of Asparaginase

This is a huge deal because it signifies the end of one phase of treatment and the start of another.  Yahoo.  I'll be at the clinic with Matt and Ari and I am psyched to celebrate.

Wait, what did you think I was referring to?

There's really nowhere I'd rather spend my birthday...


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