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Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's play name the baby.  Ari (2 years ago) or Alison (yesterday)? 

Same cheeks, nose, forehead, thighs!  And both so stinkin' (literally) cute.  No doubt they're related!

And, unrelated...

What a cold, wet, rainy day it is today.  It's the perfect day to sit inside, play with toys, and order in Chinese food.  It would be difficult to go outside in this crummy weather...even in Ari's stroller-bubble.  So for our family, today is definitely not a good day to be stuck in the hospital.

Then, it's perfect timing Mother Nature, because we're...


And everything feels right again.  Two kids eating, pooping, and waking at exactly the same time.  And, two kids laughing, playing, and tickling each other (well, Ari tickles Alison) all day long.  Ya know what, I wouldn't want it any other way.  I love watching these two interacting, and more importantly, I am so glad to be with both of them again.

Thank you Ari for getting your ANC up so that you were sent home from the hospital!  And even though you keep asking very politely, my answer is no, we cannot go back there today and see the big blue ambulance and push the buttons on the robot and eat the chocolate ice cream.  I know you like it there and I'm glad you had such a nice get-a-way.  But next time, let's go somewhere warm, maybe with a swim-up bar rather than an-all-you-can eat milk and jello bar.  Cool?

Counts are still very low (just not low enough to be incarcerated) so we'll stay in our home and/or outside in the fresh germ-free air til next Wednesday's clinic visit.  And guess what we start again on Wednesday?  High dose steroids!  Woohoo! 

But here's the silver lining.  This will be the *final* high dose steroid course before the dose decreases by 2/3!  And I gotta believe the new dosage will be much easier on Ari.  I hope he's happier (and less hungry) for this 1 out of every 3 weeks (for the next year and a quarter).

Fingers crossed for a healthy week at home! 

And thank you all so much for the ANC dances.  They worked!

It is so good to be home!


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