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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When Ari was admitted to the hospital last week, I was more than a bit bummed out.  I would be missing the biggest CJP event of the year, we would be unable to take our planned ski trip with other Jimmy Fund Clinic families this coming weekend, and I would have to cancel my first date with Jane.

Jane had asked me out over email.  Her cutie-pie daughter Clio is also in treatment for Leukemia, and Jane is a writer/blogger (like a real one...she's written books and stuff...and now you're all going to start following her blog which is fine as long as you don't compare mine to hers.  Remember, she's a professional.).  We had chatted briefly a few times in person and traded emails, but never actually hung out.

So when Jane asked if I would be interested in meeting for a drink or two, it sounded great.  The camaraderie I feel with fellow cancer moms is indescribable.  I figured we would drink, chat, laugh, and, most importantly, sob inconsolably commiserate with one another. 

Jane first offered to come to me.  Woah.  What kind of girl did she think I was?  I don't invite people over on the first date.  So we chose a central meeting spot and booked it on the calendar.  It was planned for Tuesday, April 9th.  Tonight.

I emailed Jane a few days ago to let her know I would have to reschedule as we were stuck in the hospital.  She was so disappointed that, ready for this, she found some germs and fed them to her daughter.  Can you believe it?!  And then last night, she checked her daughter in to the hospital!  Uh huh.  She even gave her a cough and a high fever to boot! 

I'm trying not to get too freaked out about this.  I should be flattered, not scared, right?  I think I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, believe her tale that "every one in her family is sick", and share my opened bottle of "apple juice" in the fridge. 

But I'll probably alert hospital security...just in case.  

(Feel better Clio.)


As anticipated, Ari is not a happy camper being stuck in his small hospital cell room.  Yesterday, he had both a major freak out and an attempted break out.  Good times.

I brought his stroller and plastic rain cover with me today in the hopes we could make him mini bubble boy and take him outside without infecting all the other kiddos.

And I'm trying not to get my hopes up because... Ari's ANC tripled overnight!  It went from 50 to 170.  Only 30 more little neutrophil points before we can check out and go back home.  The doctors think the counts will probably dip down before they go back up but I'm feeling hopeful. 

Hugs and kisses everyone. (ANC dance por favor)


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