Friday, April 5, 2013

I got some good stuff for my bday.

Cards, cake, gift cards, and...a trip away from home with Ari!

We're shacking up for at least a few days (probably more) at the all suite resort I've grown to (not) love - Children's Hospital.

We're back.

They call it "fever with neutropenia" or in other words "my toddler has a little cold and gets locked in jail for a while."

What do we need? The ANC dance. And distractions! They won't let Ari into the toy room or fun common areas for fear he may infect the other kids.  And because there are no empty rooms, we're in a non room room. So we need a window too.  In all seriousness, we just need you to pray that Ari gets better and gets his counts up. That's my birthday wish too.


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