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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watching a tv special on extreme couponing, my husband and I got inspired to break out the scissors and cash in on the savings. I find myself at the grocery store at least twice a week (I love to shop... anywhere) and am stocking up on significantly more dry goods (cereal, soap, salad dressing, etc) than ever before. The "extreme couponers" spend a little time and energy on organizing coupons and scoping out deals and are paid off with carts full of free or extremely discounted items and huge stockpiles of food and cosmetics.

If we save even $10 a week, we will have over $500 extra in the bank at the end of the year (okay, you got me, I will have $500 worth of new shoe in my closet). Matt left the house in a hurry to buy a Sunday newspaper, and I sharpened the scissors and gathered a few envelopes to organize the coupons. Excited and motivated, I anxiously awaited his return home.

20 minutes later, Matt came home empty handed. "Where's the paper?" I asked. "I couldn't find a parking spot" he answered. Motivation out the window, I shrugged and realized that maybe we're just not the couponing types. If they did a show on Extreme Laziness, we would most definitely be cast.


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