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Thursday, March 31, 2011

When Ari was 6 weeks old, we realized he was transfixed by the television.  He would get so excited when it was on that he would sh*t his pants...literally.  I would hold him in my lap, his mini legs kicking like he was Michael Phelps, and his lids open so wide I thought the eyeballs may pop out of the socket.  We asked our pediatrician if it was bad that he was watching a little TV and she said that although it can't really hurt him, and although it's exciting for babies because it's like a kaleidoscope, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) does not recommend that children watch any tv until the age of 2.

With complete disregard for my Doc and the AAP, I made the executive decision that just a few minutes of educational programming daily would be good for the baby and his expanding mind.  Here's what AJ learned about this week:

1. World Religion:  I feel as though Ari leads a bit of a sheltered life (Coolidge Corner, Brookline is not known for its diversity...in other words, there are more Shlomos than Shirleys) and it's important to me that he be exposed to other religions and cultures.  Therefore, we watch Big Love.  He and I both cried in the final minutes of the finale.

2. Nutrition: As he is about to start consuming solid foods, I want my baby to make healthy choices, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and feel comfortable both in the kitchen and in the grocery store.  Ari, such a Mommy's boy, cheered Richard on all season long of Top Chef.  He drooled nonstop during the tastings.

3. Family values: Matt and I both believe in the importance of a close-knit family and we are so lucky to have parents, siblings, and cousins who support us and serve as our role models.  We know Ari will have the same commitment to family and I reinforce this belief by letting him watch both the Kardashian Family and the Hoppy's (you know - Bethenney, Jason, & Baby Bryn) as they truly epitomize the ideals that Republicans everywhere hold true.  (I am pretty sure Ari will now only date very large busted women in the future.  Like daddy like son.)

Oh yeah, and he learned about slut smut by watching The Bachelor. 


Unknown March 31, 2011 at 10:30 AM  

Very well rounded education!

Joseph Wolfee March 31, 2011 at 2:31 PM  

Mathew actually loved an old man in a sweater (Mr. Rogers) and a weird red Muppet (Elmo), but in the end he found true love with a female human. TV in moderation did not damage him. Keep at it Ari.

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