Who's the bigger sucker?

Monday, March 7, 2011

During my 18 week ultrasound, the little fetus could clearly be seen sucking its thumb, and 12 weeks later, immediately after the baby came squirting out of my vajay, his little fingers found their way into his suctioning lips. My boy loves to suck. He obviously does not get this gene from me (if you know what I mean). While in the hospital, the nurses suggested a pacifier as we waited for my milk to come in, and hesitantly, I accepted. It was like magic. Ari would suck to sleep, suck to soothe, and suck to quiet contentment. Matt called it the mute button. I called it a miracle. Now, I call it the bane of my existence.

Here's the problemo - Ari has learned (by yours truly) that he needs the paci to fall asleep. If it falls out and he hasn't yet drifted into a deep sleep, he cries. If he wakes up from a sleep cycle and it is not in his mouth, he cannot fall back asleep. And, if he's in the car and in need of a nap but the paci is buried under his bum, he hollers until I hit a red light and replace it. He eats his fingers all day long, yet hasn't learned to use them in place of the soothie. And, now, my four month old genius knows that if he spits it out, I come running in his room. He smiles, I bink, he spits, repeat. Who's the sucker now?!

I've done some googling to find ways to either wean him from the binky (oy, I hate the word binky) or make it easier for him to replace the paci himself. Glow in the dark binkies, pacifier clips, and the wubbanub (http://www.wubbanub.com/)... we've tried them all. I thought about hanging pacifiers from his mobile so that he could simply open his mouth and grab one (go fish) but Matt thinks it's a choking hazard (he's so cautious, sheesh). I found an article on msnbc titled "Baby died after pacifier taped to face, mother charged with manslaughter" and decided I would not attempt a similar mistake. So that leaves us with two options - continue to replace the paci when it falls out or let the little guy "cry it out" as he learns to fall asleep without his oral fix.

The pacifier sucks!


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