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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If there's one thing Ari loves, one thing that always makes him giggle, one thing that can undoubtedly turn that frown upside's being naked.  Yup, it's his 5 month birthday (and his mom's birthday week) and he just wants to be in his birthday suit.  So, I don't deny my baby the things he likes and I let him...hang out.

Last month he found his hands...and then his feet...and so I shouldn't have been surprised when, during naked playtime, he found another appendage.  You guessed it.  And he's all about it.  Tugging, twisting, yanking, twirling.  Matt was thrilled and celebrated with a beer and and a proud, "That's my boy!" while I called the pediatrician to make sure he wasn't going to give himself a vasectomy.  She assured me it was normal for naked playtime to become naked pen*s playtime.

We had a new babysitter last week and I was showing her how to give Ari a bath.  He looooves the bath.  He used to kick and splash (and fart, ohmygod it is so friggin funny, little bubbles float up to the surface) and try his hardest to get all of the water out of the tub.  Not anymore.  Now, he just touches himself.  And to show off for the sitter, he stared and smiled at her the entire time, while he fondled his bits and pieces.  At first I was embarrassed, then I realized she was entertained and maybe even liked the show.  (She's never being hired back.)

We have the book Everybody Poops (thanks Karyn) but it seems we need this book.  I'm slightly mortified that I'm writing about this.  Sorry Mom!

Happy 5 months sweetie pie.  You're such a wonderful and cute goy boy.



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