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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby AJ gets cuter (and funnier) by the day.  I've noticed that many of the traits and characteristics I find irresistible in him are quite disturbing and disgusting in grown-ups.  Here are some examples:

The toothless smile:


Fat rolls:


Bald spot and comb over:


And then there are the baby bodily functions that I can't help but find adorable (and unfortunately I have no image or video clips for proof).  A big wet infant sneeze makes me grin from ear-to-ear whereas the same thing in an adult makes me exclaim in disgust, "cover your mouth when you sneeze" and then quickly apply hand sanitizer.  A loud belch resonating from my tiny tot's mouth elicits chuckles, yet from an adult, I find it is simply gross and disturbing.  And finally, the sound, smell, and feel of my baby farting on my lap is one of the highlights of my day (and since this happens every time I feed my baby, I am one happy gal).  But, the last time my husband sat on me and farted, I dry heaved...and threatened to leave him.

It's good to be a baby.


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