Vegas, BABY!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Before I begin, I just want to give a shout-out to Alan from The Hangover, who provides my husband with the inspiration to re-enact the baby spanking the monkey scene from the movie...daily. Thanks.

Those of you who know me well also know that Matt and I love the occasional, er, frequent, trip to Las Vegas. Normally, we book a last-minute deal on a Thursday, sneak off to adult play land for the weekend, and come home spent (ha, get it?) first thing Monday morning. We eat, we shop, we play some cards, and we have a great time in the desert. We've been going through sin-city withdrawal and made the (probably poor) decision to book a little get-a-way next week.

In preparation for Ari's first vacation, a few thoughts and questions...

*Will the video monitor work in the casino? I'm kidding people. Don't call DSS. I would never think of leaving my baby in the room, with the do not disturb sign on the door, if the monitor does, in fact, show a clear picture of my sleeping boy.

*I've been emailing Craigslist ad posters all morning trying to find a "little lamb" baby swing to buy (and have delivered) when we arrive on the Strip. My nightwaker loves to catch his 4-7am zzz's while rocking side-to-side in the cuddly seat. I hope JetBlue lets us bring it on board for our red-eye flight home.

*My parents will be travelling with us to help out for the week. Oh how our lives have changed. We used to keep these little weekend excursions on the down-low ("our cell phones were off? hmm we must have been in a tunnel...for 6 hours") and now my mom and dad are coming to assist this mom and dad.

*Which is trashier: visiting Vegas with a bun in the belly or visiting with a baby in the bjorn? I will have done both.

*To outfit Ari for the fashionable town, I ordered Ed Hardy onesies. I've officially lost my mind. Matt made me do it.

*In order to keep baby AJ on East Coast time, he will be going to sleep at 4pm and waking at 4am. This means, I will be going to sleep at midnight and waking up at 4am. Good thing my schedule won't change.

*The hotel recommends a babysitting service that costs $45/hr but "it's a good deal because they're insured." Does this mean that if they accidentally drop my baby or take him for a joy ride to their casa, the hotel will replace him for free?

Wish me luck! I'm betting on a crazy week.


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