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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The dryer eats baby socks too.

I still have a brown vertical line running the entire length of my tummy.

I enjoy picking wax out of Ari's ears, boogers out of his nose, and white slimey goop out of his eyes.

We call Ari's weiner "Winklevoss" after the twins who "came up with Facebook." (Team Zuckerberg all the way!!)

I'm going gray.

I wish I was a Kardashian.

My kid will never wear overalls. (I feel the need to apologize for offending you. I received your emails. Dress your kid however you like. Holmes on Homes.)

Last weekend I was getting a massage and the masseuse asked if I had been punched in the face because my circles are so dark.

Ari's twin is still in my a$$. I hope it's a girl.

Brad Womack would be a fool not to choose Chantal O. Did you see her parent's house? Ka-ching!


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