swapping spit

Friday, February 18, 2011

There's nothing worse than saliva. I cringe when I hear someone sucking a lollipop, I dry heave when I feel someone spray it when they say it, and I gag when I see someone's spit when they eat. But perhaps most disgusting of all, I cannot even stomach the thought of french kissing. (I've got issues. Whatever. Matt doesn't complain.) Even writing this post is making my stomach turn and my face grimace.

Imagine my surprise when I actually enjoyed swapping spit for the very first time...with my baby. No, not like that sick-o. The baby salivates more than Pavlov's dogs. He drips drool on my face, down my shirt, and all over my hands. He sucks my fingers, shoulders, and any other body part that goes near his mouth. And, everytime I lift him up (imagine a push up with a baby) a glob of spit drips from his puckered lips right into my mouth. Not only do I not mind getting to first base with my tot, I sorta like it. I hear the saliva faucet really turns on when the baby starts to teethe. I hope Matt doesn't get jealous.


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