Why is this shit so funny?! (pun intended)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I've always been amused by poop. It's amazing that we all do it and we rarely discuss it. Jews tend to talk shit (double entendre!) often because most of us are lactose intolerant and discussing our bowels with one another is therapeutic. Yet, we all try our hardest to poop in private and keep our own sound effects a secret. I could talk about bm's all day, but I dread having to go #2 in public. 14 weeks ago, poop became a focal point of my existence, and I gotta admit...I love it.

There's nothing better than the sound of a baby making a poop. My little boy has gone hundreds of times in the last 14 weeks and I still chuckle every single time I hear him poo. I am constantly amazed that a tiny being can create such a loud explosion in their diaper. To make it even funnier, the baby has no idea that poop is such a taboo topic for adults, and their innocent disregard for polite adult behavior makes the loud sound of their movement even that much funnier.

Babies eat the same thing all day long. Yet, the number of times and amount they poop changes daily. Even the color and consistency can change. I am fascinated by this concept and intrigued by the digestion and excretion processes. And I'm not alone - moms love monitoring their kid's poops. One girl in my 'baby and me' group said she saves middle of the night dirty diapers so she can inspect the poop in the morning. I haven't gone that far...but it sounds like a great idea.


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