Overheard in my "Baby & Me" class

Monday, February 14, 2011

I receive a weekly email with information on my current # of week old baby. There's a section in each e-news called "Overheard in my birth club" and I thank BabyCenter.com for giving me the idea for this post. I take 3-4 "baby and me" classes a week (excessive, I agree). In one of my classes last week, one of the women announced that she had "leaked pee" at a trampoline class earlier in the week. (This was the same woman who asked the facilitator at the first class, "Is it okay if I let my baby watch TV all day because I don't know what else to do with him?") I am the queen of crossing the line, making inappropriate comments, and sharing TMI, however, I was shocked when this new mom let everyone know about her embarrassing event.

That said, I'm ready to come clean. I can empathize and I can relate and I'm here to admit that I leaked pee too!! I tried to jump rope at the gym and every time I jumped up, I felt a little tinkle drip into my panties (a quick shout out to my friend Lisie who cringes every time she hears the word "panties"). There's only one way to cure myself of this dripping dilemma - I need to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. And there's no better way to do this than with Dr. Ruth's favorite exercise - the kegel! I did a quick google on kegel exercises and I found out that the kegel is named for Dr. Arnold Kegel (my dad's name is Arnold too! Coincidence?! I think not) and I came across the site http://www.kegelmasters.com/. With taglines like "live laugh love" and the "miracle for women" and a celebrity endorsement from Teri Hatcher who claims, "Every woman should have a kegelmaster", I know this is the solution for me. I am indeed a desperate housewife and I would be a fool not to order one for myself. Check out the Kegelmaster 2000 - I guess I'll just force myself to workout daily.


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