Eau de Bebe

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My baby smells delicious. It's not just the after bath fragrance (oh Mustela how I love thee) that makes me nose dive into the nooks and crannies all over his bod, or the Dreft detergent (what a scam! ...Umm, when do I admit that I wash my clothing in it now too so that I can smell like my little muffin all day long?) that has me sniffing out every inch of his onesies. I was surprised to detect the aroma of a few of my favorite foods on and around my boy in the a.m. First, his little hands often smell like swiss cheese, particularly in the morning after he breaks free from his swaddle. At 7pm, his hands go in perfumed with baby wash but come out at 7am with a scent that I want to add to my eggs. Next, his little tush is incredibly delectable as a graham cracker odor is always hidden in his diaper. No clue what causes this unique scent, but it makes me want to eat his little cheeks as a side dish to my swiss cheese omelet. And finally, the addictive smell of a crave-worthy snack food emanates from not only his diaper but from the diaper genie...salty, buttered popcorn. Baby tinkle is synonymous with every one's least favorite jelly belly flavor and most favorite movie nosh. Now I understand why mothers say they could just "eat their baby up"!


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