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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Raising a baby reminds me of the early years with my childhood dog. Sugar, a bichon frise, was a little bitch (ha, get it?) who lived to be 16 years old. I vividly remember the car ride from the breeder's house after we bought her. She, 8 weeks, and I, 8 years, were both terrified and cried the whole way home. It sounds exactly like the ride from the hospital on October 31. Petrified, exhausted, and hormonally imbalanced, I sobbed from the moment I left the maternity ward to the moment I arrived at my front door.
Is it just me, or are babies and puppies pretty similar? It's not just a taste for milk and milkbones that babies and puppies share. Babies and puppies...
2. Are pretty freakin' cute.
3. Like to play with chew toys that squeak
4. Cry at night when they need food/potty/attention
5. Have ridiculously soft skin/fur
6. Need constant grooming
7. Like to take naps on your lap
8. Eat a lot
9. Poop & pee a lot
10. Want to play when we want them to sit still in our lap so we can pet them
11. Have blond hair and blue eyes (Sugar and AJ specifically)
12. Learn tricks like how to roll over
13. Are very expensive
14. Go for walks daily
15. Get potty trained
16. Sleep in a box
17. Get spoken to in an annoying high-pitched voice (i'm guilty!)
18. Are pet by strangers
19. Receive nicknames (We called Sugar "Booger" - and, my bro and I also renamed her Buffy to be funny (middle school humor) and she answered to both Sugar and Buffy til the day she died
20. Have owners/parents who think they are the cutest, smartest, most advanced of their species!


Anonymous,  February 16, 2011 at 10:07 AM  

Hilarious! And totally true! And how about how we like to dress them both up in silly outfits?

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